This Season's Produce 

Everything we grow changes seasonally.

Order per package, bulk, or in a vegetable basket.


Welcome to Mosaic farms Community shared

agricultural program, where you partner with

us to obtain a share of what we produce in our

season. CSA programs connect consumers directly

to food producers in an effort to share how

and where our food comes from. Products will

be ready for harvest and delivery June 28th and

will continue through to November 1st  (17 Weeks)


You can choose share size, weekly or biweekly frequency,

delivery or Pickup. There are a maximum of  24 spots available

for the 2022 summer/fall season

Medium- Partial Bushel Crate (20L) 15” x 13.5” x 10”

Large – Full Bushel Crate (35L)  18”x 14” x 12”

Prices range from   $280.00 (8 week partial bushel/farm PU) - $1020.00(17 week full bushel / delivery)

Please feel free to contact us for further information including a full list of available items, and to register.

Seasonal CSA Program