Our Story

It all began with with a dream. A dream to live out of the city and do things we enjoy. We wanted to share, what started out as a hobby, with everyone else on a bigger scale.


Gardening was the first passion, growing all kinds of different vegetables, trying out new and crazy things to grow that were unusual and fun. We've built a 21x48 - 1000 square foot greenhouse on our property to start and grow all our wonderful vegetables.


We decided to expand further, adding  brewing hops in the mix. We have a love and appreciation for local brewing markets and wanted to be apart of it. There didn't seem to be many local farmers in our area to supply hops to these awesome local breweries, so we decided to grow different varieties of hops to help get involved and keep things local and fresh.

"Mosaic Farms was created to have multiple fresh, and local products that you can trust and enjoy directly from the garden and greenhouse"